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I just got back from Spokane. We left on Sunday and hit really bad roads going over. It was so bad that one semi had overturned and we had to hang out on the interstate for 40 minutes. Then we got off the road for a little bit and did some geocaching. Then we got into Spokane around midnight. Thanks to the road trip I am now back on a funky schedule :P

So we hit the Spokane Valley Mall and went to Build a Bear!!! My happy place!!! I got my winter bear and then we went to Cabellas in Post Falls and also drove by the outlet store there in Post Falls. Then we came back to our hotel.... it was around probably midnight once again.

The next morning we got up... went to this funky white elephant store. They have some fun toys and games and so we got some of the Christmas shopping done for Forrest's nephews. And then we went to the carousel and we got the last ride of the evening and then it was on to the concert!!!!

We had the table closest to the stage!! It was WAY AWESOME!!!! I totally love Mannheim Steamroller!!! I didn't want it to end. It was just so fantastic. They had a little Christmas village set up on the floor, with toy soldiers and we took tons of pictures of that and we even got a couple of pictures of us with the Toy Soldier. Then after the concert was over... I looked over and one of the people from Mannheim Steamroller was on the floor!!!!! Like NOT BEHIND STAGE!!! Sure I would have LOVED it to have been Chip Davis (the founder of the group) but it was still way awesome to meet her. I can't remember her last name but her first name is Roxanne (I will have to find the program and then I'll tell ya for sure) but I went up and just started talking to her. I just said how much I enjoyed the concert and we just started talking about music and all that and how much fun they have performing! It was awesome. No... we didn't get pictures of me with her and no... didn't get an autograph... but still! It was pretty cool!!!!

We took tons of pictures of the group while performing... and it just was amazing!!!!

Anyway, we're home now... onto the rest of the holiday festivities! WHOO! (I didn't get to see the Christmas devotional from the first Presidency) but I'm sure it was wonderful and I'm sure that I can catch it some time during this holiday season on BYU tv.

Today there were multiple deliveries. One of which is my BIG Christmas present!! that I am currently typing on as we speak!! Forrest got me a Dell Inspiron Laptop!!!! AND!! IT'S PINK!!! and I have a PINK MOUSE!!! and I shall call her Miss Pinky!!... yes I'm a little whacko! but now I can type from the comfort of my bed or the living room or anywhere else in the house! YAY!


Dec. 8th, 2007 05:17 am (UTC)
dang nabbit! yes we TOTALLY should plan an LJ outing! that would be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!